NFT Minting

The NFTs you mint on GhostMarket will be tied directly to your wallet which means that you create, control and manage your NFTs directly.
We allow minting on our generic smart contract GHOST, on all integrated blockchains, and we support all the NFT standards of the blockchains we're connected to:
  • Phantasma supports PEPE-12.
  • Neo N3 supports NEP-11.
  • EVM blockchains (Avalanche & Polygon & BSC & Ethereum) support ERC-721 and ERC-1155.
GhostMarket supports various wallets for each of the blockchains we have integrated:
  • Phantasma supports Poltergeist and Ecto Wallets.
  • Neo N3 supports O3, Neoline, OneGate and NEON wallets.
  • EVM blockchains (Avalanche & Polygon & BSC & Ethereum) support MetaMask, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet and Wallet Link, and some others.
For step-by-step instuctions for Minting GhostMarket compatible NFTs, see our Minting Guide for Users or Developers.