Viewing Site Activity

How can I view activity and statistics on GhostMarket?

GhostMarket is transparent about all site activity with our users. This is incredibly helpful when making decisions on which NFTs to purchase, checking how your NFT sales are doing compared to other artists, and much more.

To view the various activity and stats pages, start by clicking “Stats” in the navigation bar located at the top of the page. You’ll see a dropdown menu appear with three options to choose from.


This is the general activity page for everything that is currently happening on GhostMarket. Users can view every transaction that has occurred, in the order it happened. 

Users can also narrow down the activity menu to find specific events by using the menu to the left of the page. 
 Alternatively, you can search for an event directly in the search bar, and toggle the order of events by date or price.


The rankings page shows a leaderboard for every collection on GhostMarket, across all supported blockchains. The leaderboard shows weekly results across all blockchains by default, but these settings can be changed in the menu to the left of the page. Clicking on any of the collections will also direct you to the collection’s profile.


 The statistics page shows all time stats for all blockchains on GhostMarket combined, as well as individually.

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