Sweep Mode

How do I utilize the Sweep Mode feature?

Sweep Mode is a feature on GhostMarket that allows users to buy multiple NFTs for a specific price, all at once.

This is a great tool for NFT traders that enjoy buying groups of NFTs from a collection when they’re at their lowest possible price point, also known as “the floor price”. When a trader is able to purchase all available NFTs from a collection that are currently at the floor price, it’s commonly referred to as “sweeping the floor”.

When using the sweep mode feature, the lowest price NFT from a chosen collection is purchased first, followed by the next lowest priced NFT and so on. GhostMarket also accounts for specific criteria set by the user when utilizing the feature. This is comparable to a traditional exchange when filling a market order purchase.

GhostMarket’s EVM chains (Avalanche, Base, BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon) currently have a limit of 50 NFTs that can be purchased at once when using sweep mode.

There is currently no limit to how many NFTs you can purchase at once on the Neo and Phantasma blockchains when using sweep mode. 

How to use the Sweep Mode feature:

To use the sweep mode feature, start by visiting an NFT collection that you would like to purchase from. For this example, we will use the Neoverse collection on the Neo blockchain.

To the right of the search bar, click the broom icon sitting next to the additional search options. This will open the “Buy Cart” drop down menu, as well as the sweep mode function.

The sweep mode function has two options, “Items” and “NEO”. 

The “Items” option allows you to select a specific number of NFTs. The selected amount of NFTs will start at the lowest price and continue to go up in order of price from lowest to highest until the requested amount is met. 

“NEO” gives the option to purchase all available NFTs up to a set amount. The price is based on the chain, so in this case the price is shown in the Neo blockchain’s token.

When using sweep mode with an EVM collection that exists on multiple chains, the price option will be shown and set in USD.

After setting your criteria, the “Buy Cart” will be updated to show the lowest priced NFTs selected, as well as the total price. When you are ready to complete your purchase, simply click the “Buy” button and follow the prompts in your wallet. 

As a bonus for EVM chains, there is an “Allow Fail” option. This setting will ignore any individual failed purchases, allowing the remaining NFTs in the transaction to complete. For example, an individual NFT purchase could fail if another trader pays a higher gas fee in order to complete a transaction on the same NFT first. 

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