Transferring NFTs

How do I send an NFT to someone without charging them?

You don’t have to sell your NFT in order to give it to someone. If you’re looking to send an NFT to someone without them sending you anything in return, you can Transfer the NFT via the NFT’s page. 

You’ll find the Transfer NFT option listed next to the other trading options. Clicking the “Transfer NFT” button will open up a menu to the right of your screen call the “Transfer Cart”. Just like the buy cart, the transfer cart will show any NFTs you’ve selected to transfer.

Below each NFT, you’ll need to add the destination address. This is the wallet you intend to transfer the NFT to.

Once you’ve double checked all NFTs and addresses, click the “Confirm Transfer” button at the bottom of the Transfer Cart to initiate the transaction. Please note that you will need to pay for any network and gas fees associated with the NFT transfer.

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