GhostMarket has an ambitious plan for 2022 and following a successful Q1, today CEO Vincent Geneste has released the platform’s roadmap for the remainder of this year.
You can read the full details of our Quarter 1 summary in our Medium article here:
2022 RoadMap Update
An outline of our plans for the reminder of 2022 are as follows:

Q2 Milestones

Quarter 2 of 2022 will see us add the following:
  • Ethereum Integration
  • The release of our SDK
  • Automated Collection Discovery
  • The launch of our trading incentives mechanism
  • The release of GhostMarket merchandise

Q3 Milestones

Quarter 3 will include the following:
  • Staking Program
  • Additional Blockchain(s)
  • Cross-Chain NFT Swaps
  • Release of our mobile application

Q4 Milestones

Quarter 4 milestones see the following additions:
  • Native Fiat Ramp
  • Advanced Social Features
  • AR + VR Platforms
  • Site Design Upgrades
  • Additional blockchain(s)
We hope that you are as excited as we are for the coming months and we thank all of our GhostMarket supporters for their continued loyalty.
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