Creating NFTs

How do I create an NFT on GhostMarket?

Once you’ve decided on a blockchain, you can use GhostMarket’s self-minting platform to start the process of creating your NFT. Keep in mind that you will need a wallet connected to your profile and the necessary funds to pay for any fees associated with minting your NFT.

On a desktop browser, the creation page can be found by clicking the “Create” button in the navigation bar at the top-right of the page.

On a mobile device, it can be found by clicking the dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

When you arrive at the creation page, you will see a list of available blockchains. Simply click the blockchain you want to use and the UI will adjust accordingly. For this example, we are using BSC.

Next, you will need to upload the media that will be displayed as the NFT. GhostMarket supports WEBP, MP4, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG file types with a size limit of 50 MB. Drag your NFT image into the “Image” section, or click the section to upload it. Only upload files that you have created or have the right to use.

Note that you can preview your NFT, the NFT’s info, the minting summary, and the fees summary to the right of the image upload section. This updates automatically throughout the creation process.

Depending on the blockchain, you can choose a collection/standard as mentioned previously. This is the smart contract and symbol that your NFT will be minted on.

Name your NFT and write a description to provide potential collectors with more information. If you are uploading artwork not fully created by yourself, you are required to make this clear and add a link to the source artwork. Note that photos may contain geo localization data (in EXIF header). Please remove this information before uploading if you do not want it public.

GhostMarket has the option to filter NFTs by type when browsing the marketplace. The various NFT types include generic, art, music, game, NSFW, book, photography, and apparel. Selecting a specific category can make your NFT easier to discover. If you don’t have a specific category for your NFT, you can leave it as generic.

After selecting the NFT type, you can set the royalty amount, quantity, and max supply.

Royalties are defined as a percentage and determines the commission amount you earn each time your NFT sells on the secondary market.

The quantity is the amount of this NFT you will be creating. A single NFT could be considered as rare or exclusive, while minting a larger quantity allows more people to collect them. The current maximum quantity that you can mint at once is 2500 NFTs.

Max supply is the quantity of NFTs that can ever be minted from this initial series. For unlimited supply, set the max supply option to zero. 

Attributes are an optional feature that allow you to organize your NFTs by different types and values.

As you finalize all of the previous details, you will have the option to list your NFT for sale at the time of minting it. Alternatively, you can mint it and then list it for sale at a later time. 

If you plan to list your NFT at the time of minting it, you can set the sale amount along with the token type once the option is toggled on. Below the set sale price, you will see the 2% GhostMarket listing fee and the actual amount you will receive after the NFT is sold.

Last but not least, you have the option to add locked content to your NFT. This content can only be accessed by the person who purchases your NFT. Locked content can include various things, such as a link to download an exclusive song or a link to a ticket pre-sale. We encourage our users to experiment with the locked content feature to add incentives for your collectors.

The most important step is reviewing all of your information before confirming the mint. Make sure you have uploaded the proper artwork, check for any typos in your description, confirm that you set the correct royalty amount, etc. Once you are satisfied with everything, click “Confirm Mint” at the bottom of the creation page to begin the actual NFT minting process.

Upon clicking “Confirm Mint”, you will need to approve various transactions with your wallet. These options will be different depending on if you choose to solely mint your NFT, or list it for sale in addition to minting.

After the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) upload is complete, you will need to confirm the mint transaction with your wallet. Upon clicking “Confirm”, a window with your wallet details will appear. It will provide all of the transaction details, including any gas fees that need to be paid in order to complete the transaction.

Once the mint has been processed, you will get a notification that the transaction was successful and your NFT has been minted. It may take a few minutes for the NFT to appear on your profile. 

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