Burning NFTs

How do I get rid of an NFT I don't want?

For those who are unaware, you are not able to delete or destroy an NFT. The only option is to “burn” the NFT, which is a term for sending the unwanted NFT to an address that nobody has access to. This effectively removes it from your wallet and all platforms, and is the next best thing to actually deleting it. 
 If you created an NFT with a mistake, want to access an infused asset, or simply don’t want the NFT anymore, you can easily burn it as long as you own it. Keep in mind that once an NFT is sold, you can no longer burn it.

To burn an NFT, go the NFT’s dedicated page and select the “Burn NFT” option listed alongside the other trading options. Confirm, the transaction and follow any prompts given to you by your wallet to complete the process.

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