Selling NFTs

How do I sell my NFTs on GhostMarket?

To sell your NFT on GhostMarket, you will need to make sure you have the wallet that contains your NFTs connected to your user profile. Visit your user profile, then click the NFT you want to sell. 

Below the NFTs name, listing period, and price, you will find the “Sell NFT” Button. Alternatively, you can select “Auction NFT” for additional listing types.

Upon adding the NFT to your “Sell Cart”, you will see that the cart icon has changed. Clicking it will open up the sell cart menu. 

Adjust the price, currency, and listing period that you would like to set for the NFT. 

Click sell, then follow the prompts in your wallet to complete the transaction. Shortly after, your NFT will show that it is on sale and appear on the “explore’ page.

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