Feature guide

Favorites gives you the ability to favorite an NFT or an NFT collection/Artist, this will help you find collections you have taken interest in previously, as well as allow for expanded searching in the future. Also, next to the favorite button is a view counter, you can now see how many views a collection/artist or an NFT is receiving.

Users will now notice that you can now favorite a collection by pressing on the heart icon.

And you can do the same for an individual NFT.

In the future the search will be expanded to incorporate searching based on favorites/views. As well as track your own list of what you have favorited.

In order to favourite, you will need to be logged in and have a wallet connected. When logging in it is 2 step process. You will connect your wallet and complete the wallet verification acknowledgement, this will keep you logged in for 24 hours. You will know you are logged in via the green dot next to your profile image as seen below.

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