Storing Metadata - IPFS

GhostMarket supports the storage of NFT metadata on decentralised file networks such as Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). By storing metadata and images on IPFS, NFT owners can be assured that the data and image are immutable and permanent once they are minted. If you use IPFS to host your metadata, the URL used in metadata must be in the format ipfs://<hash>.

examples: ipfs://QmTy8w65yBXgyfG2ZBg5TrfB2hPjrDQH3RCQFJGkARStJb

We recommend PiΓ±ata for easily interacting with IPFS, which enables you to easily store and organise both metadata and NFT media on IPFS.

Other alternatives for accessing IPFS is to set up your own IPFS node or using Infura IPFS.

Here's an excellent "Getting Started" tutorial on IPFS by Chainlink:

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