NFTs Explained

What exactly is an NFT?

NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens) are digital items used to validate ownership. Although NFTs are recorded on a blockchain in similar ways to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, every NFT is unique from one another. This gives creators the opportunity to showcase their art, music, and other media as a limited collectible in similar ways to physical items such as trading cards or comic books.

A side from selling NFTs to collectors as a way to earn income as an artist and showcase your work digitally, there are many additional benefits when creating NFTs. Royalties can be added to an NFT to earn passive income each time it’s traded, additional digital assets can be infused inside of an NFT to reward collectors, physical items or memberships can be tied to owning the NFT, and so much more.

GhostMarket’s self-minting platform, suite of advanced trading features, and integration of multiple blockchains make it the best platform to create, buy, sell, trade, and collect NFTs. It’s incredibly easy to get started and the possibilities are endless!

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