Instant Sell

Feature guide

Instant Sell makes it a very quick process to sell any NFT from your collection of choice to the highest bidder in as few steps as possible.

This feature is only available for chains supporting collections offers. Currently Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche and Neo N3

You will find the Instant Sell top right on a collection page. This way, if you own an item in the collection you can press this button and follow the process to sell your asset to the highest bidder.

This is the equivalent of a β€œMarket Sell” on a traditional centralized exchange. The button, as can be seen below, will be next to the collection offer button.

This button will only show up when there is an open offer available on the collection. You will then be able to select which asset to sell and then complete the transaction by Confirming the action.

Once confirmed the sale is complete, if you are the buyer or seller and have chosen to have notifications turned on you will also receive the regular email notification of sale.

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