Gas Tracker

What does GhostMarket's Gas Tracker do?

Whenever a user buys, sells, trades, or mints an NFT on GhostMarket, they will need to pay a “gas fee”. Gas fees are required to perform transactions on a blockchain, and the price often dictates how fast your transaction will be completed. This is important to keep in mind, as paying too little gas could result in longer wait times or a transaction failing all together. 

GhostMarket’s gas tracking feature assists users by showing the current gas prices across all of our supported blockchains. Network gas prices are displayed in real-time through the tracker’s UI, which also has additional settings to check the cost of transactions at various speeds.

To open the fee strategy menu within the gas tracker, click on any blockchain. From there, users can choose between slow, standard, fast, and instant transaction speeds which will show various gas prices. Alternatively, leaving the gas tracker set to default will show your current transaction speed prices based on your wallet’s settings. 

The gas tracking feature is great for taking advantage of low gas prices when they’re available, or being able to wait until high gas prices go down.

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