Bulk Buying

How do I purchase multiple NFTs at the same time?

GhostMarket’s bulk buying feature allows multiple NFTs to be purchased at once in the same transaction, as opposed to purchasing each NFT individually. The bulk buying feature is available across all of GhostMarket’s supported blockchains.

Combining this feature with GhostMarket’s “DEX Swap” ability means you can make these bulk NFT purchases with any available token. Please note that the current limit when using the bulk buying feature is 200 NFTs.

In the above we have added 3 NFTs for example. Hitting the “Buy” button will bring up the transaction confirmation process, to be able to buy all at once.

The “Allow partial purchase” setting allow you to specify if you want the transaction to go through even if some of the items bought end up being unavailable (ex someone else bought it between the time you added to your cart and the time your transaction got confirmed).

To add multiple NFTs to your cart, click the “add” button in the top right corner of the chosen NFT card while browsing. Alternatively, you can click the “add to cart” button on the NFT’s dedicated page.

 Removing NFTs from the buy cart works the same way. Either click the “x” on the NFT you’d like to remove from the buy cart, or click the “remove from cart button” on the NFT’s page. 
 To complete your purchase, click the “Buy” button at the bottom of the buy cart and follow the prompts from your wallet.

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