This section outlines important information relating to our SDK and it's use for developers and the general GhostMarket community.

The release of GhostMarket's SDK for general use delivers on a significant RoadMap commitment, made for 2022. (To see information on all roadmap items, follow this link).

The following information gives details about the SDK and includes links to enable developers and all those who wish to use it, access links and information required to interact with it.

What is an SDK?

An SDK is a ‘Software Development Kit’ and it is used to allow developers to simply access a service using their native language of choice. In the case of the GhostMarket SDK, that language is Typescript/Javascript.

What can you do with GhostMarket’s SDK?

By having an SDK, the GhostMarket NFT platform can be used as a basis for a number of applications.

It will allow frontend developers to use Typescript/Javascript and backend developers to use node.js to programmatically access the GhostMarket ecosystem.

The SDK provides a consistent interface to all supported blockchains and because we provide a common API, a stable interface for developers for any of our six supported blockchains.

This will allow developers:

· full access to our API easily

· to interact with all our smart contracts in a very simple way / with helper functions

· allows for scripting capabilities / automation, so that people can run trading strategies, listen to events etc

· allows custom third-party dApp integration, which connects to GhostMarket seamlessly

What’s the difference between an SDK and an API?

The API can receive requests and a response is sent from it. For example, what NFTs are listed in a particular collection. Usually for information, but sometimes they are commands

APIs use HTTP whereas our SDK uses Typescript/Javascript. API’s are often complex particularly, because of the multi chains GM has and various wallet connections.

The development of an SDK simplifies all of this.

When you are developing a new website or a dApp, it will require the ability to talk across the network and there needs to be a standardised way of talking between your website and the server. An SDK manages this for you.

In order to not be rate limited, you will need to have a GhostMarket API key. We will shortly be announcing a process to enable developers to apply for their own key.

Github: Documentation: Discord: Telegram: Email: Report an issue: Contribute: Please use GitHub issues for suggestions/issues.

What are the benefits of GhostMarket having an SDK?

The SDK allows third party applications to be built which leverage GhostMarket infrastructure and will therefore increase our user base, as well as exposure to the wider blockchain community.

We look forward to seeing the many ways that developers use our SDK in the near future.

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