NFT Explorer

The best place to browse, track and discover NFTs. GhostMartket's NFT Explorer provides real-time digital asset tracking to help you to navigate NFT markets with transparency and confidence.

GhostMarket acts as a true NFT explorer for all of the integrated blockchains, allowing you to browse, track and discover all NFT collections currently existing on these blockchains. We currently handle the curation and addition of collections to the site (a collection is a group of one or more smart contracts tied together) manually, so if you need to have your own collection added, simply reach out to us and we will add it!

"Self-Service" collection addition is coming soon!!

Blockchain explorers provide verifiable insight into your NFTs.

Every time an NFT is minted or transferred, a transaction occurs on the associated blockchain. GhostMarket supported blockchains generally provide a public interface to view transactions and verify the provenance and history of each NFT. This public interface is referred to as an explorer. Each NFT profile has a link to its associated blockchain transaction.

For example:

The NFT example below was minted on Neo and its profile includes a link to verify the associated blockchain transactions on Neo's public blockchain explorer called dora.

The NFT profile features a Details tab. Clicking the contract link will take you to dora, where you can see associated transactions with this particular NFT and the contract on which it was created:

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