Full DEX Swap Support

What DEX does GhostMarket support for swaps?

GhostMarket currently supports the ability to swap your tokens for different tokens available on the chain you’re using. This is a convenient way for users to swap tokens without having to leave GhostMarket. 
 This is made possible by integrating multiple DEX for each blockchain we support:
 Avalanche - TraderJoe BSC - PancakeSwap Ethereum - Uniswap Neo - Flamingo Polygon - QuickSwap

 To utilize this feature, start by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the page.

Select the connected wallet of your choice at the bottom of the drop down menu and click the “Swap” button. 

This will open up the “Swap Tokens” screen, which has several options you can adjust for the transaction.

Once you’ve finalized all of your changes, click the “swap” button. You’ll see one final screen to review the details. Click the “confirm” button after double checking everything to begin the swap. After the transaction is completed, your new tokens will now be available in your wallet.

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