The next evolution in staking

The next evolution in staking GFUND! Something we have been hard at work for quite some time to now bring it to you.

In Short.

  • New evolution of single token staking, a NFT Platform-Index-Fund, acting like an index fund, tracking GhostMarket performance.

  • Better than traditional LP staking (no impermanent loss, self sustaining)

  • Your share of GFUND gives you a cut of all GhostMarket trading fees, exit fees and minting rewards.

  • Head HERE to get started

What is GFUND?

It is a reimagining or an evolution of staking. Normally when you think about staking, it is most of the time about either A) staking two tokens (with the risk of impermanent loss) or B) you would invest token A into a staking pool and earn a percentage bonus in the form of token B.

Those traditional form of staking, while working fine, have some major downside: first they rely most of the time on minting rewards only (meaning once initial period ends, no more rewards), and there’s a risk of impermanent loss (ending up with way less of a token vs the other).

Now, with the new GFUND you are only dealing with 1 token, $GM, our governance token. It is effectively the same as a single token staking, except here you’re buying into a fund instead of staking per se, and there are now multi-avenues to assist in keeping its value inherently up.

All users of GFUND get to share the following:

- 20%* of our minting rewards are slowly added over time to GFUND: this amounts to 1 million GM over 3 months. - 20%* of our trading fees are added to GFUND on each sale on GhostMarket. - 5%* exit fees from people leaving GFUND are added to the fund.

Note: if the trading fee is paid in GM, it is instantly added, if it is in another asset, it will wait until there is 100 GM worth and then convert and add to the fund automatically through a swap on Flamingo.

It is essentially an index fund, the price of GFUND will always be higher than the price of GM token (ratio will start at 1:1), as the pool value increase overtime with trading fees, minting rewards and exit fees. Meaning that you are guaranteed to come out with more GM than you started with (minus the exit fee).

The GFUND yield is not claimable but added to the fund. The fund shares value amongst investors. This means you get your yield in the form of increased GM Tokens when exiting.

*All numbers subject to change based on how the product performs.

How can I get in?

GFUND launched on Wednesday November 09th 2022, at around 7pm UTC

You can buy with any token, whether directly with GM or any other currencies, which will then be swapped for GM tokens “under-the-hood” (GAS fees will apply) through Flamingo.

Anytime anyone enters or leaves GFUND, on top of getting your GFUND tokens, a process starts which does the following:

  1. claim unlocked minting rewards and adds them to the pool

  2. swap pending trading fees (from GhostMarket) to GM and adds them to the pool

For GAS optimization purpose, 1) and 2) are only performed if the value is more than 100 $GM worth. What this means is that when you enter or leave the pool, it might cost you more or less in network fees depending if those action are performed or not.

Purchasing with GM Token

Paying using a token other than GM token, you can see Flamingo will conduct the swap.

Final confirmation before entering GFUND.

How can I get out?

Just as easy as you got in. Have your wallet connected, choose “SELL” and then follow the prompts. Understand that exiting will incur an exit fee, currently set at 5%. The fee was primarily added to encourage longer term staking/lockup and to help negate any potential exploits. We will regularly assess the exit fee and we might change it if required.

NOTE: Past and current performance does not indicate future performance. If unsure, please seek advice from a financial advisor. Do your own research, know the risks involved.

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